2024-2025 Competitive All-Star Cheerleading Program

Since 2006, we have offered both an all-star  competitive and recreational cheer program. Both programs instill work  ethic, drive, passion, service, and create life-long friendships! We  have an organized and proven successful program in the Ft. Wayne area.  Our USASF coaching staff has the knowledge and discipline to continue to  produce awards winning teams. The Stealth Athletix cheer  program helps athletes improve their skills through practice and  competition as well as creating friendships that last a lifetime.

Our competitive teams compete at various competitive events within the Midwest from November- April each season. The competition season  begins in late May and finishes in late April/early May, while this schedule is demanding, all athletes find the end result very rewarding! We pride ourselves on the skills we not only teach on the mat, but the qualities  and characteristics developed off the mat.

For those also wanting to participate in school cheer programs, WE WORK WITH SCHEDULES! We understand the benefit of school and all-star working together to provide the athletes with all avenues of training as well as social experiences.

NEW THIS SEASON, we will be having a novice team, as well as a half-season/prep team(s). 

We would love to have you join our Stealth Athletix family!

For more information contact [email protected]

2024-25 Informational Packet

Athlete Questionnaire